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Where does the traffic come from?

We are very proud of the traffic we offer. We do not have "secret sources" or "secret methods" for generating traffic. Our traffic is derived from hard work!  You deserve to know the source of the traffic so that you can make an informed business decision when purchasing! 

A portion of our traffic comes from expired domain names. When someone creates a website, they generally register a domain name to go along with it. The owner must pay a nominal fee every year to keep their domain name (about $9-$30, depending on where they bought the name). If the owner does not pay the annual fee, the domain registrar will put the name on hold. With most registrars, an "on hold" domain stops working. Most registrars allow an additional grace period of 30-90 days for the domain owner to pay the annual fee. During this period, the registrar will generally contact the domain owner many times with attempts to get them to pay the fee and reactivate the domain name. If the domain owner fails to pay on time, and fails to respond during the 30-90 day hold period, the registrar will drop the domain name. At this point, anyone can register the name. We assume that the previous owner no longer wants a dropped name and we will register the name if we feel that it will generate traffic. After we own the name, we direct it to our server and send out the traffic to the campaigns we serve. This traffic is the very best clean traffic.

We also use highly targeted UK "Popunder" Traffic

When a website is called up by an Internet user, your site is silently accessed, or displayed, behind the current one so that when the user exits the page he or she is on, YOUR page (also called the 'pop-under') is exposed in all its glory--full screen. The user will be, in effect, on your website and you want to grab the attention of the person in front of that screen

We do not use Pop-Ups - these tend to annoy the surfer.

Pop under advertising is obviously one of the most successful forms of getting your ad out on the web. Every time a visitor goes to one of the sites in our network of extremely high volume websites, your web page will pop up and will immediately grab the visitor's attention!

A popunder is just like any other page CLICK HERE.  If the surfer has popups/unders blocked in their web browser then it is NOT counted as a visitor.

What we won't do!

Unlike many of our "competitors" we will not send you useless traffic from Asian countries, non English speaking countries, or even USA/Canada traffic. 



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